Pneumatic valve is compiled by what

by:AIRWOLF     2020-05-20
Pneumatic valve is driven by means of compressed air valve. Pneumatic valve procurement only clear specification, category, work pressure meet the requirements of the practice, in the current market economy environment is not perfect. Because of pneumatic valve manufacturer to product competition, each are under the unified pneumatic valve design conception, for different innovation, formed their own enterprise standards and product personality. So in pneumatic valve procurement detailed technical requirements, and contact good agreement, procurement contract as pneumatic valve attachment is very necessary. This valve shall generally be installed in the pipeline. Pneumatic valve model establishment method, the valve number shows that the valve type shall be usually said valve drive mode, connection type, form, structure features, nominal pressure, sealing materials, elements such as body material. Such as: pneumatic actuators; The standardization of pneumatic valve type of valve design, use, distribution, provides the convenience. We have more kinds of today's valve type and material, valve model of the establishment will become more and more complicated.
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