Pneumatic valve malfunction solutions

by:AIRWOLF     2020-05-18
At present our country enterprise in the production of a variety of a common valve leakage, leakage, appearance quality is not high, short life, and not flexible operating valve electric device and pneumatic devices unreliable shortcomings (such as Pneumatic actuators) , some products only equivalent to the international level of the early 1980 s, some of the high temperature and high pressure valves and key device need still rely on imports. As the world economic recovery, China's valve products import and export has also grown, but due to the high-end technology, there is still a large gap compared with foreign manufacturers in the future for a period, product technology will become a bottleneck restricting the development of China's valve products. 1, before installation, check to ensure that the pneumatic valve product performance and whether the medium flow arrow is consistent with the movement conditions, and the valve cavity clean, do not allow foreign impurities in sealing ring and disc attached, before cleaning must not allow closing butterfly plate, so as not to damage the sealing ring. Pneumatic butterfly valve installation supporting disc valve special flange, flange recommended HGJ54 - namely The type 91 socket welding steel flange. Pneumatic butterfly valve installed in the pipeline position, the best place to stand, but I can't flip in use need to adjust the flow rate, there are pneumatic actuators to control. 2, on and off a lot of manual butterfly valve, in 2 months time, open the worm gear case cover, check whether the butter is normal, should maintain optimum amount of butter. Check the connection parts required pressure, that is, to ensure that the packing sealing, guaranteeing stem flexible rotation. Metal sealing pneumatic butterfly valve is not suitable for installation in the end of the pipe, such as must be installed in the end of line, take equipped with export hair, prevent the backlog of sealing ring, too. Stem installation using reaction regularly check valve using effect, find fault in a timely manner to eliminate.
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