Pneumatic valve operation steps

by:AIRWOLF     2020-05-18
The open-close direction of 1, pneumatic valve operation, all should be clockwise closing. 2, as the pneumatic valve in the pipeline, often artificial opening and closing, opening and closing of revolution shoulds not be too much, is the large diameter valves also should be within 200-600 RPM. 3, in order to facilitate a person's opening and closing operation, the plumber pressure conditions, the largest open-close torque appropriate for n - 240 m。 4, pneumatic valve opening and closing operation side shall be the square tenon, standard and size, and face to the ground, so that people can be directly from the ground. Valves shall not apply to the underground pipe network with roulette. 5, pneumatic valve opening and closing degree of display panel (1) pneumatic valve opening and closing degree of calibration, shall be cast on or after the transformation direction of gearbox cover plate shell, face to the ground without exception, the scale line brush on phosphor powder, as a prominent; (2) of the dial needle material under the condition of management better available stainless steel plate, or paint for steel plate, do not use the aluminum skin production; (3) dial needle striking, fixation, once the open-close adjustment accurately, the rivet lock.
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