Pneumatic valve packing before delivery

by:AIRWOLF     2020-05-18
1. After the valve test qualified, should remove grease and dirt on the surface of the inner chamber should be removed the remaining test medium. 2. On both ends of the valve application of blind flange sealing surface protection, welding end or thread end and inner cavity of the valve. Blind application of wood, wood fiber board, plastic, or 3. Valves shall be equipped with containing corrosion inhibitor of packing or conform to the requirements of the use of design patterns and other high quality packing, exposed threads ( Such as stem, takeover) Parts should be protected. 3. Equipment before delivery, manufacturer shall each device according to GB/T13384 packaging properly, to avoid the equipment damage in transit. Equipment should be fixed in the bottom of the packing, lest the equipment during the transportation in the shaking in the cabinet. 4. Each cargo containers, crates, boxes must be on top or side brush or otherwise on clear and readable transport protection signs, signs, such as waterproof, sunscreen, are not allowed to be inverted to mark hoisting center of gravity, and strictly abide by when loading and unloading. 5. If there is any special tools should be individually packaged and shipped, along with special tools list should state of equipment outside the packing number and 7 'special tool'. Manufacturers to provide spare parts, if any, should be separate packing, easy to long-term preservation, at the same time spare parts should be necessary signs, facilitate identification in the future. 6. If needed, for vulnerable to water and moisture damage of equipment and parts should be additional protection, has an drainage parts should be covered, cracks or voids in order to prevent the water in the whole transport process and the clutter into people.
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