Pneumatic valve performance test

by:AIRWOLF     2020-06-18
1. When the valve is manufactured in batches in a certain specification, it shall entrust an authoritative organization to test the following performance: The opening and closing moment of the valve under the working pressure; (2) under the working pressure condition, can ensure the valve close tight continuous opening and closing times; (3) The detection of the flow resistance coefficient of the valve under the condition of pipeline water delivery. 2. The valve shall be tested as follows before leaving the factory: (1) The valve in the open state, the body should bear the valve pressure value of two times the internal pressure test; (2) Under the closed condition of the valve, both sides shall bear 1.1 times of the working pressure of the valve, without leakage; But metal seal butterfly valve, leakage value is not greater than the relevant requirements.
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