Pneumatic valve performance testing

by:AIRWOLF     2020-05-18
Pneumatic valve in pipe line industry is a kind of gear system, the most familiar to the quality of the product how to decide how the engineering quality, the good quality of pneumatic valves conform to what requirements and performance when how to test? The valve manufacturers in the production of engineering required specifications, must first evaluate the authority in the product performance, to ensure product quality. Product quality inspection: the valve flow resistance coefficient of detection: the valve in the pipeline. Valve opening and closing torque only valve in normal working pressure condition, ensure the normal order of the valve opening and closing times, closed tight and continuity. Before delivery detection: internal pressure test shall be carried out in a running state of the pneumatic valve is opened, the test of the valve body ability to withstand pressure from valve work 2 times as large. In the operation of the valve closed state can withstand from 1 on both sides. 1 times the working pressure value, ensure that the valve sealing is better no leakage.
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