Pneumatic valve protection measures after load

by:AIRWOLF     2020-05-20
Pneumatic valve damage is a key problem is the load. Its load mainly has the following kinds: 1, the torque limit institutions setting is wrong, stop the torque is less than the setting value, resulting in continuous produce too large torque, the motor stop running. 2, because of some reasons make the torque limit circuit failure, lead to excessive torque. 3, pneumatic valve using the environment temperature is high, the relatively decreased motor heat capacity. 4, the power supply voltage is too low, make its cannot obtain the required torque, motor stop running. The use of 5, persistent, the heat generated by the savings of more than the allowed temperature to rise of the motor. Pneumatic valve generally run in a predetermined time, motor overload is not going to happen. For pneumatic valves load condition of protection measures mainly include the following: 1, pneumatic valve by using thermal relay and to protect the motor stalling. 2, through the adoption of pneumatic valve thermostat to the continuous operation or electric operation of motor overload protection. 3, through the adoption of pneumatic valve fuse or over-current relay can effectively avoid the short circuit accident.
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