Pneumatic valve repair what matters should be paid attention to

by:AIRWOLF     2020-05-20
- - - - - - - - - - - - : with the rapid development of our country industry, pneumatic valve in more and more widely applied in the field of metallurgy, petrochemical, its stability, reliability, also is more and more important, its working condition is good or bad will directly affect the automatic control process, the device using the matters needing attention in Shanghai ( http://www。 ssy - y. com/) New design, the device control system, in order to ensure that the regulator while driving to work, and make the system safe operation, a new valve before installation, should mark on the first check valve nameplate is consistent with the design requirements. At the same time also respond to the following project debug. The basic error limits; All the schedule deviation; Back to the poor; Dead zone; Leakage ( In demanding situations) 。 If it is on the original system of regulating valve for overhaul, except to check all the information, also respond to the stuffing box and the connection of the old valve sealing check etc. Regulating valve in use at the scene, many often caused by the quality, not because the regulator itself but the regulator device that caused by improper use, such as the installation environment, installation position and direction due to reasons such as caused by improper or line is not clean. Pneumatic control valve should pay attention to the following aspects when using the device ( ) The regulator belongs to the field instruments, environmental temperature should be - ~ ℃ scope, relative humidity & le; %。 If the device is in the open air or high temperature occasion, waterproof, cooling measures should be taken. Where there is the source to stay away from source or increase the antivibration measures. ( ) Regulator shall generally be vertical device, special circumstances can tilt, such as the Angle is very big, or too much weight on the valve when the valve itself should increase support protection. ( ) Device control valve pipe generally do not too high above the ground or floor, should try to set up a platform when pipe height is greater than m, facilitate the handwheel operation and easy maintenance. ( ) Regulating valve device for pipeline cleaning before, eliminate dirt and welding slag. Device, to ensure that no residue in the body, should also again to the valve and clean, the access into the medium should make all open valve, in order to avoid impurity stuck. After using the handwheel institutions, should be restored to the original neutral position. ( ) In order to make the valve in case of failure or repair can continue to make the production process, the regulator should add by-pass line, as shown in figure - Shown below. At the same time also should pay special attention to, the regulator device location whether accord with the requirement of technological process. ( ) Pneumatic valve electrical part of the device should be in accordance with the relevant requirements for electrical equipment construction. So flameproof products should be according to the explosive dangerous location electrical equipment specification requirements for devices. Such as the scene copper-clad SBH type or other six or eight core, outer diameter for & Phi; 。 Mm rubber device cables. In the use of maintenance, in the explosive place the flame-proof surface electricity open repair and shall be strictly forbidden to pry. At the same time in dismantling the harm upon or scratch flame-proof surface, after repair to be reverted to the original state of flame-proof requirement.
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