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Pneumatic valve series introduction


This article coming from China best custom pneumatic components manufacturer, Airwolf factory, is here to talk about pneumatic valve series. More info about pneumatic components, stay tuned.

Pneumatic valves are composed of angular travel pneumatic actuators and different types of valve bodies through the mechanical connection of pneumatic valves. Pneumatic valve is driven by compressed air valve, according to operation manner,  pneumatic valves can be divided into two categories, cut-off type and pneumatic control valve type, pneumatic valve is a part of industrial field instruments.

Pneumatic valve is mainly divided into four categories: pneumatic butterfly valve, pneumatic ball valve, pneumatic gate valve and pneumatic globe valve.

Pneumatic valve applies intelligent control and positioning, matching with electric valve positioner, input 4 ~ 20mADC signal and 0.4 ~ 0.7mpa air source can be controlled operation, to achieve the pressure, flow, temperature, liquid level and other parameters.

Pneumatic valve can be equipped with travel limit switch, solenoid valve, pressure reducing valve and 0.4-0.7MPa air source to achieve switch operation, and send two pairs of passive contact signals indicating the valve switch.

Pneumatic valves are mainly used in petroleum, chemical, paper and other industrial automatic control systems.

Pneumatic ball valve

Pneumatic ball valve is driven by compressed air valve, composed of pneumatic piston actuator and ball valve. Pneumatic ball valves can be installed in any position in the pipeline, pneumatic actuator with air source rotation 90 degrees of operation and a small torque can be closed tightly.

The inner cavity of pneumatic ball valve body provides a straight flow path with little resistance to the medium. The main characteristic of pneumatic ball valve is its compact structure, easy to operate and maintain, suitable for water, solvent, acid and natural gas industries.

Pneumatic butterfly valve
Pneumatic butterfly valve is made up of piston type pneumatic actuator and butterfly valve. According to the action mode, pneumatic butterfly valve can be divided into pneumatic control butterfly valve and pneumatic switch butterfly valve. At present, pneumatic butterfly valves are used more and more in low pressure medium and large diameter pipelines.

The main advantages of pneumatic butterfly valve are simple structure, small volume, light weight and low cost.

Pneumatic butterfly valve, flange butterfly valve, pneumatic ventilation butterfly valve, pneumatic soft seal butterfly valve can be equipped with pneumatic valve positioner, input control signal.

Pneumatic gate valve
Pneumatic gate valve is pneumatic piston actuator with pneumatic valve, its performance is good iwith best switch operation and convenient maintenance, it has been appplied to petroleum, chemical industries. Marine department is mainly used in the control of many kind of medium, institutions of manual and pneumatic gate valve with pneumatic actuator, valve actuator adopts double cylinder structure, solved some of the single cylinder type pneumatic valve disc in the valve body can't open the drawbacks of the wedge death, and it has the buffering mechanism, close the valve to buffer.
Pneumatic globe valve
Cylinder medium: compressed air, nitrogen. Pneumatic globe valves are simple in structure, convenient in manufacture and maintenance, also it has small working stroke, short opening and closing time;The sealing surface of the shutoff body (disc) and the seat adopts conical sealing, with small closing force, anti-scouring and good sealing.The seat can be replaceable seat in any combination with the shutoff.

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