Pneumatic valve system has the function of each part and USES have you ever know

by:AIRWOLF     2020-05-18
Pneumatic valve system has the function of each part and use: 1, the pneumatic actuators: divided into double acting and single acting. Double acting pneumatic actuator: to control the valve opening and closing of two type. Single-acting pneumatic actuators: the gas path cut off or malfunction, the valve automatically turned on or off. 2, valve: the valve is a fluid conveying system in the control unit. 3, the electromagnetic valve: is divided into single electric solenoid valve and double electric solenoid valve. 4, limit switch, remote transmission switch valve position signal. 5, gas-electric locator: according to the size of the current signal of pneumatic control medium flow control valve. 6, air source treatment sanlian pieces: including air pressure reducing valve, filter, oil mist device, the gas source voltage lubrication, cleaning, moving parts. 7, manual operating mechanism: manual operation in automatic control under normal circumstances. 8, muffler: installed in the vent of electromagnetic valve, reduce the noise. 9, fast connection-peg: in electromagnetic valve or actuator are connected at one end, and the other end will have direct access can use the trachea. 10 is compressed air, air compressor, air pressure generator. http://www。 dazkfy。 com
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