Pneumatic valve when using attention point

by:AIRWOLF     2020-05-18
1, before using pneumatic valves, first with the iron in the body and other sundry, wash with water. 2, pneumatic valve flange nut and bolt to be fixed, prevent stress non-uniform flange joint problems. 3, valve sealing material regularly to clean, prevent leakage and wear. 4, in the case of a closed, the body of the pneumatic valve and some medium residue, to cut off the power and air supply, release pressure all cleaned up. 5, the pneumatic pipeline valve is fully open to full close operation, several times to confirm the valve to work properly, check again the all details of the valve, ensure that the valve is in good condition. 6, let pneumatic valve installation position in coaxial position of the pipeline, pipeline flange should keep two pieces of parallel, confirmed the pipeline to withstand pneumatic pipe valves, its weight if found pipeline can't bear pneumatic pipe valve weight, is equipped with the corresponding support of the pipeline before installation.
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