Pneumatic valves for air quality have what demand

by:AIRWOLF     2020-05-19
Pneumatic valve is powered by compressed air drive to realize the switch or adjusting control, air quality directly affects the use of pneumatic valve. Good, stable, high quality air source can prolong the service life of pneumatic valve, pneumatic control valve of air quality has certain requirements. Standard air pressure in the 4 - pneumatic valves 7 bar, good air pressure must be stable in 5 - 6 bar, especially the single-acting pneumatic valve, less than 5 bar could lead to valve cannot open; Pneumatic valve used at the same time, several air compressor must have enough capacity, can guarantee the pneumatic valve opened or closed at the same time; Compressed air must be cooled, filter, remove moisture and impurities, pneumatic valve of air inlet must be equipped with air filter sanlian pieces: filter, pressure regulating valve and oil filter. Long distance transmission of compressed air, it is best one tank is set near the scene of the use to stabilize the pressure. The trachea and joint shall not leak, the heavy pneumatic valve installation shall not force and damage of components.
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