Power system and electromagnetic bayi square fountain will reopen after valve replacement

by:AIRWOLF     2020-06-19
Power system and electromagnetic valve replacement bayi square fountain will reopen after jiangnan metropolis daily report from our correspondent reporter ms-j ms-j times, intern Wang Xiaoshan reported so far, nanchang bayi square music fountain for the first time since put into use in overhaul is nearing an end, is expected to completed in the day, the whole maintenance fountain will be open to the public again at the end of the month. The reporter understands, the overhaul cost ten thousand yuan, mainly for the power system of the fountain and replace solenoid valve, the installation of LED underwater lights yu, repaved waterproof cable altogether. Thousands of meters. At present, the construction unit is the music fountain LED underwater light and waterproof cable for final inspection. Music fountain, bayi square every weekend, major festivals, will be open in all the talent for a period of time, namely when the mid-morning to, afternoon at night, at night, in the evening normally open only at night in the evening.
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