Precision filter, water adding new way

by:AIRWOLF     2020-05-16
The development of economy as well as for the consumption of water resources is increasing. Water resources for industrial production and daily life of the people is very important. Growing shortage of water resources forced us to explore more water, waste water recycling effectively solved this problem. Sewage to precision filter can not only meet the needs of industrial water, and even can achieve the purity of drinking water, it puts forward high demands on close filter. Precision filter adopts multiple cylinder unicom, layers of filtration. Cylinder inside the filter element is various, such as melt-blown and titanium filter, activated carbon filter filter filter structure. According to the different conditions of water to properly adjust the filter element, multi-layer filtering way for water to the expected effect. Precision filter body is made of stainless steel material, easy to unpick and wash replacement. Precision filter is widely used and chemical industry, food processing, pharmaceutical production, water treatment, brewing and other industries, has become the precision filter with high quality for the purification of ideal equipment. Through precision filter filter, can effectively increase the use of the water resources, the offers sewage waste water recycling. Precision filter for remote water shortage region of water resources lack of imagination can play an effective relief for the allocation of water resources utilization in our country has a very important significance.
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