Prevent fake 'HOPE' safeguard the legitimate rights and interests

by:AIRWOLF     2020-05-21
From 'HOPE' since the establishment of our authorized Shanghai thick pu valve co. , LTD. , active in new product development and technical innovation, technical progress, strive to build 'HOPE' brand image in the market, gradually expand the brand effect, 'HOPE' in large domestic electric power, petrochemical, metallurgy, steel, the popularity of the urban construction and other industries more and more high, had a lot of dealers and customers. Part, however, driven by the interests of dealers, bold in fake 'HOPE' valve's illegal business deals, fake 'HOPE' valve, deceive consumers, has been a cause of the Ministry of Commerce and industry, consumers, and our company attaches great importance to. The half-year, we report by insiders, user feedback and other clues, successively in anhui, guangdong, liaoning, hunan and other places found nearly ten fake 'HOPE' valve, without the permission of the our company production of 'HOPE' the phenomenon of the valve, some dealers audacity, fake amount is larger. Attitude to this, my company leadership firmly: find a, hit a, for individual rampant counterfeiting, start through legal procedures, to be completely sealed. At present, our company has been started 'prevent fake' HOPE 'maintaining the legitimate rights and interests' special action, will be part of rampant counterfeiting in my law firm, the company in charge of the processing, the corresponding legal procedure has been started. We warn broad customer, in order to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of oneself, when buying 'HOPE' of the valve, must pay attention to keep in touch with our company headquarters, wait until my company confirm order contract, to ensure that consumers use them, after-sales service has assured reliable guarantee. Prevent fake 'HOPE', maintaining the legitimate rights and interests. Shanghai thick pu valve co. , LTD. Service special line: 021 - 5187710651877109. Shanghai thick thick pu valve co. , LTD. Marketing Department of Shanghai pu valve co. , LTD. , part of the valve products in the market to shandong haiyang nuclear power project into the implementation stage
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