propane safety measures

by:AIRWOLF     2020-06-12
WHEN a propane-
The Nassau County fire chief said that filled cylinders should be placed in an upright position in the passenger area of the car when transported, rather than in the trunk.
Immediately after returning home, open the window and remove the cylinder.
It should never stay in the parked vehicle.
Joe Boslet, the Nassau County fire chief, warned: \"Don\'t put it in the basement and put it outside the house . \".
According to the announcement issued by his office, the cylinder should be kept in a cool place, away from direct sunlight.
Please read the instructions carefully.
John Russell, vice president of co-gas, said connecting cylinders to the grill was done by using open-ended
An end wrench or crescent wrench, not a pipe wrench, whose teeth can peel off the brass, thus changing the shape of the hexagon connected.
Equipped with left-
Sir, hand thread, the cylinder must turn and tighten counter clockwiseRussell said.
Next, leak test with soapy water.
As the fire captain\'s announcement said: \"Close the burner valve on the barbecue, slightly open the cylinder valve and pressurize the connection.
If there are bubbles, the connection must be tightened further.
\"If there is a leak, the grill should never be lit and the cylinder valve should remain closed when not in use.
Some homeowners carry a padded fire-resistant glove with them in case the cylinder valve is closed in case of fire.
\"Basically, ordinary people are not prepared to deal with the problem properly,\" he said. Boslet said.
\"The first thing is to leave the grill and call the fire department.
Fire Marshal Ernest lanze of Suffolk County said: \"Normally, homeowners will not be able to close the cylinder valve because it will melt quickly.
The fire department is equipped with pliers that can handle the situation, he said.
He says firefighters use fog mode in cases where the valve cannot be closed (
Water broken down into thin drops)
Break the concentration of the gas until the propane is burned.
Alfred Durham, Lindenhurst\'s fire chief, said that sometimes the fire department would call a local gas company to help control the propane fire.
Another option, he said, is to ship cylinders to the road field through open vehicles, thus removing cylinders from densely populated areas with enough space to burn or explode gas.
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