pros and cons of pneumatic tires in heavy duty industrial caster applications

by:AIRWOLF     2020-06-16
Inflatable tires are a popular wheel choice in industrial casters applications.
Inflatable tires are metal wheel wheels equipped with rubber tires.
The tire is filled with air or foam to the desired level of pressure to achieve proper load and deflection properties.
There are many benefits and some disadvantages to using this wheel.
This paper will discuss the pros and cons of using pneumatic wheels in casters applications.
In industrial casters applications, there are many benefits to the prolooma tire.
The main benefit is the ability to absorb the impact load and buffer the load.
Therefore, pneumatic technology is used in applications where the terrain is uneven or bumpy, or where the contents of the cart cannot be subjected to sudden impact loads.
Inflatable tires can also be used
Because they can absorb the unevenness of off-road terrain.
These wheels are perfect for applications that need to be turned off
Road operation Road.
Due to the soft rubber tread and shock absorption capacity, the inflatable tire is also quiet in use.
This helps to improve the working conditions of the staff as they are not subject to noise that may damage their hearing.
There are also some shortcomings in the use of pneumatic wheels in industrial casters applications.
One drawback is that the wheel needs more force in motion.
This is due to the large footprint and deflection of inflatable tires.
This large footprint also makes it more difficult for the wheels to rotate, and often the casters require longer rotating leads.
As the wheels are lighter, the chance of the caster wheels shaking is also increased, which may be offset by the increased rotating leads.
Another disadvantage of the pneumatic wheel is that it is necessary to monitor the increased maintenance of the air pressure as the wheel is prone to perforation, which leads to flat.
One way to solve this problem is to fill the wheel with polyurethane foam, which can prevent the flat, but can reduce the buffering effect of the wheel.
Inflatable tires can provide some great benefits in industrial casters applications, such as shock absorption and tire removal capabilityroad.
However, there are some disadvantages such as reducing rollers
The ability to deal with and the opportunity to increase jitter.
When designing inflatable tires for industrial casters applications, your chances of success will be greatly improved with these factors in mind.
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