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PT1220-220 Black hydraulic Single Pressure Dump Truck PT Valve Tipping valves

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Offers a complete range of tipping valves to be used for different cylinder volumes. In the beginning of 2002 introduced the new PT-valve. The PT-valve can be used for flows from 80 up to 220 litre perminute. The pressure settings are from 150 to 350 bar. The PT-valve has fully interchangeable pressure cartridges, so you can adjust the pressure settings yourself. Dual pressure valves are available as well. Forsmaller flows you can use the PT1140 or the 3DHM range.

The PT 1220 & 2220 tipping valves are constructed with a pilot operated pressure relief valve with fixedpressure setting (by means of cartridges), which protects both the cylinder and the pump for overpressure.This tipping valve is also designed to allow proportional lowering, which is of main importance when lowering(half) loaded bodies. This tipping valve can be directly fitted to the oil tank, which reduces the numberof hoses and fitings and consequently the possibility of leakages. Additionally the PT 1220 & 2220tipping valve is unique in the market as it has a peak pressure relief valve, to prevent serious damages incase of peak pressures.

The PT-valves & DHM valves can be mounted in line or directly on the oil tank. The PT-valve and theDHM-valve can be mounted on the same block. The PT-valves are controlled with a Hyva air control ormanually. The DHM-valves are controlled by a cable control or by a air control.

Features & Benefits

Model: PT1220-150;PT1220-170;PT1220-190;PT1220-190;PT1220-220;PT1220-250;PT1220-280;PT1220-350

Joint Pipe Bore:G1"


Max. Pressure Resistance:350bar

Material:stainless steel

Material of Oil Seal:NBR, EPDMVITON / NBR, EPDM or VITON

The pneumatic control lift valve of the dump truck is composed of a control power device, a valve body assembly, a safety overflow valve assembly and a plunger sliding switch.
The control power device is an air cylinder, which comprises a main air chamber assembly and a slow falling air chamber assembly.
The valve body assembly is provided with an oil inlet, an oil outlet and an oil return port.
The valve body is provided with a safety valve passage, and the safety overflow valve assembly is installed in the safety valve passage.

Tipping valve kits

To simplify the proces of choosing the right adapters and mounting equipment has prepared tippingvalve kits for tank mounted and chassis mounted valves. We have options with straight or 90 connectionsfor 3/4" & 1" high pressure hoses.

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