Pump valve application southwest oil and gas field off new technology

by:AIRWOLF     2020-05-21
Annual volume record for years, last year, about 86% of each region; Comprehensive energy consumption dropped year by year, energy-saving 3 last year. 10000 tce. On March 1, southwest oil and gas field company holding back to the 'excellent energy-saving industrial enterprises in sichuan province' * * of the certificate. Southwest oil and gas field company to improve gas production at the same time, around the group put forward 'one of the leading enterprises in the domestic large enterprises to create a conservation-minded enterprise' goal, to develop energy conservation planning, and the energy conservation as one of units annual performance appraisal content, in order to promote energy conservation. Open the portal of southwest oil and gas field company, can see at a glance 'create energy-saving water-saving enterprise project web page'. Communicate this is energy-saving experience for energy saving ideas of the platform. Compressor into the reconstruction of exhaust valve, sewage process of self-priming pump, separator drain valve, trap purification plant hydrophobic pressurizer rectification seven Suggestions, such as good effect is gained, used widely now. Lose, purification of natural gas is the important production link, also is the main energy consumption areas. Southwest oil and gas field company to improve the energy saving effect, give full play to the staff of wisdom, in the application of new technology, new equipment, new material of hard effort. In gas transmission system, application of downhole throttling technology, save investment of water jacket furnace, realize the single well production in the process of production with the fuel gas zero consumption; Application of high and low of subsection transport process, reduce the energy consumption of gas field development process; Optimized simplified ground gas transmission system, reduces the loss of resistance, reduced the consumption of natural gas and electricity; With pressure plugging in tube, etc. The application of new technology, reduce the amount of gas emptying. In natural gas purification system, promote new desulfurization solvent, optimization of desulfurizing unit operation condition, reduce the energy consumption. Pump valve reconstruction of southwest oil and gas field application of the new show results into shandong haiyang nuclear power project implementation stage create brand 'HOPE' to enter the 'big petrochemical'
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