quick couplings and knowledge of pneumatic fittings

by:AIRWOLF     2019-12-13
Quick joints, tools can be realized without connecting pipes or disconnected joints.
Fast joints can be divided into: air with fast joints, air with oxygen-
Fuel gas, gas liquid share fast joint, hydraulic fast joint, fast joint with inert gas, cooling water temperature with oil with fast joint, semiconductor, connector.
Why use fast connection?
Save time and effort: Quick joint disconnect connection manifold, simple action, save time and manpower.
MPG: The oil circuit is broken, the quick joint on a single valve can close the loop, the oil does not flow, avoid the loss of hydraulic oil.
Environmental protection: the quick joint is broken and will not leak oil and protect the environment.
Equipment is scattered and easy to transport: large equipment or portable hydraulic tools are required, quick joints, transport after splitting, destination, and then assembled for use.
Economy: the above advantages create economic value for our customers.
Rapid decomposition of joint instructions.
Including a female Joint, a hole is set on the mother and embedded on a steel ball through the hole;
A head connector cylinder with grooves on the surface of the cylinder; a sleeve;
The female connector with cylinder seal and the male connector female connector are described, and the female connector on the ball is stuck into the groove inside the surface of the cylinder;
Above the card condom female connector located on the outer surface of the mother, it is characterized by: also includes a pull device to pull the condom in the male connector located on the surface of the cylinder, and the female connector on its internal thread and card sleeve connection.
Mold quick joints are mainly used in general-
Mold interface connector.
Also known as cooling water, temperature and oil with quick joints.
The mold structure is divided into fast coupling, which can be divided;
Open and close at both ends, open and close at both ends, single telescopic.
Retractable ends: when the mother moves to the other side, there is no link in the ring, the stainless steel beads will automatically roll, the daughter mother and daughter work together due to the valve spring force
The valve of the daughter and mother was closed and instantly blocked the flow of fluid.
When the daughter links to the mother, under the action of the spring, the ring returns to its original position, and with the joint efforts of the mother and daughter, the lock ball rolls on the tightly connected child
Push and open valves, fluid flow, O-
The ring is completely clogged with fluid leakage.
Open at both ends: when the mother\'s ring is pushed to the other end, there is no link and the ball rolls out automatically, so the daughter goes out;
Because there is no valve for the daughter and mother, the fluid is flowing.
When the daughter enters the mother, the ring is the character in which he pushes the spring to the previous position, causing the steel ball to lock, the fluid to flow, where O-
Ring to prevent liquid leakage.
Single telescopic type: when the mother moves to the other side, there is no link to the ring, the stainless steel beads will automatically roll out, the daughter that reacts by the spring bounce of the valve, in order to prevent the flow of the fluid, the valve will automatically close.
When the daughter\'s mother side opens the valve to cause the fluid to flow, the strength of the Spring washer is pushed back into place, and the stainless steel bead will lock to ensure the sub/mother connection, and the gasket can completely prevent the leakage of the fluid.
The role of pneumatic fittings that use the impact or rotation effect of air pressure to move or achieve success.
The pneumatic fitting pressure or the gas expansion force generated by the component works, and the elastic energy of the compressed air is converted into the kinetic energy of the part.
Such as cylinders, motors, steam engines, etc.
It is a form of using air pressure to transfer energy, and it is also an energy conversion device.
The compressed air power supply of pneumatic accessories is the completion of driving the mechanical action of stretching or rotating.
Because compressed air is compressed using the characteristic stored by suction compressed air, the air will be the same as the elastic spring, and then the control element controls its rotation direction to drive the implementation of the flexible element.
The amount of air inhaled from the atmosphere, how much will be discharged into the atmosphere, will not produce any chemical reaction, and air pollution will not consume any composition, smaller than the gas in the viscous fluid, so the flow is faster, so the main feature is energy-
Save environmental protection.
Pneumatic valve pneumatic fittings valve is one of the pneumatic fittings.
Compressed air-driven valves.
Only by clarifying the specifications, models, working pressure, etc. when purchasing pneumatic accessories valves can we meet the procurement requirements of practice, in the current market economy environment, due to the competition of pneumatic accessories valve manufacturers for products, under the concept of pneumatic accessories valve, each design is unified, according to different innovations, we have formed our own company standards and product personality.
Therefore, the procurement of pneumatic parts valves has made more detailed technical requirements, and reached a consensus with the manufacturer. As an annex to the contract, the procurement of pneumatic parts valves is necessary.
Pneumatic actuator is a pneumatic accessory, its actuator and adjustment mechanism are a whole, its actuator has a film, piston, Fork
Style and gears and stripes.
The length of the piston stroke is suitable for occasions where greater thrust is required; and film-
Less style travel, can directly drive the valve pole. Fork-
The pneumatic actuator has the features of large torque, small space and more torque curves, but the torque curve of the valve is not very beautiful;
Commonly used in high torque valves.
The gear-tooth pneumatic accessories perform simple operation, stable and reliable operation, and are safe and explosion-proof-
The proven advantages, such as high safety production requirements in power plants, chemical industry, refining and other processes have been widely used.
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