realizing the true value of excellence in a pneumatic cylinder

by:AIRWOLF     2020-06-15
There are thousands of different types of pneumatic cylinders, and there are many uses in automation.
When choosing a cylinder type suitable for a particular application, it is best to consider certain design guidelines and key factors that affect that particular function.
A cylinder with excellent design has six important components.
In order to ensure the good operation of the pneumatic system, every one of them must be fully considered.
Air flow requirements to supply air to the cylinder are critical to its normal function as the air is fully compressed to perform the mechanical work generated by the cylinder.
Different requirements for determining a single air flow
Double acting cylinder
Action cylinder.
In order for the air compressor to work well and to produce the highest possible compression between 7 and 10 bars, the compressor, air tank and pipe must be well constructed.
When the air flows through the pipe or pipe, the pipe in the cylinder loses pressure due to the flow friction generated and other corrosion losses and resistance.
This energy is expressed as a loss of pressure.
Reducing the pressure loss in the pneumatic circuit is critical to the overall effectiveness of the system.
In order to achieve the true value of maximum compression with very small pressure loss, the pipe must be carefully connected and kept clean.
Air quality and lubrication air leakage cannot be avoided and air quality needs to be protected by using sufficient filtration.
For the good operation of the pneumatic cylinder, lubricating oil is necessary.
Pneumatic tools used in extreme hot or cold temperatures may require air dryers and other equipment to prevent freezing.
Lubrication reduces wear, extends the life of the cylinder, and also prevents rust and dissolved sludge found in the compressed air system.
When designing pneumatic circuits, it is essential to have a deep understanding of the relationship between load factors and the general operation of the cylinder.
Each component must be well constructed and especially suited to the performance required in the circuit.
Cost efficiency and failure
The safe box helps the circuit to be excellent and reduces damage during operation.
Since this type of valve is reliable and popular in many applications, solenoid valves are widely used.
This type of valve delivers compressed air to the device in the pneumatic circuit, allowing large devices to be controlled through small signals, and provides an interface between electronic controllers.
Solenoid valves need to be made of the best material because they can withstand a lot of pressure.
Final note on safety select a company with high standards in pneumatic cylinder manufacturing is critical for the smooth operation of pneumatic circuits.
The components of the cylinder have real value for the system, and each component must be fully considered when selecting, installing and maintaining the pneumatic system.
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