Refrigerator use four years solenoid valve is damaged

by:AIRWOLF     2020-06-19
Four years solenoid valve is damaged refrigerator freezer is used single solenoid valve damage times Mr To our hotline reflect the Bosch refrigerators in home only now can use more than two years is a problem. Please check after Bosch, the door of the maintenance staff and that maintenance costs are diverse. Just after warranty for half a year, he argues, is such a big problem, and so expensive maintenance cost, is not reasonable. Refrigerator after warranty it broke 'with some of my relatives the refrigerator for years didn't appear problem, I this how just after warranty is there is something wrong with it? 'Mr Single in home appliance sells in order for a model for the kke Bosch refrigerators, but the refrigerator until years formal use. 'After marriage because the wife gave birth to the child need someone to take care of, we basically living in my mother's house. ', says Mr Single refrigerator what also didn't put in it over the years, usually is to put a few bottles of drinks and some dry goods. At the end of this year, Mr Single found in the refrigerator freezer froze a few bottles of drinks. He unplug the power supply, in addition to the ice, and then plug in the problem seems to be no. But the next day, Mr Single found the same problem again. 'The next day I would have called special maintenance station, after the maintenance personnel on-site checking, tell me it's refrigerator electromagnetic valve is broken, need to send to the factory maintenance, repair and shipping nearly yuan. ', says Mr Single he was this refrigerator and washing machine to buy, took a total of four yuan, this refrigerator is multivariate. Use a few years now takes yuan maintenance, he really can't accept it. 'Later I find their customer service, the name of the service warranty period in the most can only give me a eighty percent discount on spare parts, providers will block. ', says Mr Single then buy Bosch refrigerators is took a fancy to the brand, did not think of the refrigerator to use more than two years in this kind of problem, and maintenance fee is so expensive. He learned from some individual electrical specialty stores, solenoid valve to replace the damaged artificial add accessories, the total does not need to the factory maintenance. Refrigerator preliminary judgment for electromagnetic valve damage, xihua household electrical appliances co. , LTD. , zhejiang area, said miss Chen, director of the customer service today (date) (month) (year) after maintenance personnel on-site inspection, the preliminary judgment for electromagnetic valve damage. Are to be sent back to the factory in order to detect whether there are other parts have damage. 'The factory of household electrical appliances product % qualified is impossible. 'Miss Chen said, Mr Single refrigerator after warranty problems is a separate case. Now that the problem, the company will according to the household appliances 3 packets of responsibility for fault electrical charge maintenance. Done before, the company for the customer, this just decided in accessories for Mr Single hit eighty percent, not only the electromagnetic valve, if there is something wrong with the other components, is eighty percent. Finally after consultation, miss Chen said, because the yuan is the transport charges paid to freight company, so there is no way to discount. On the basis of original accessories eighty percent off discount, to exempt the upkeep of Mr. Shipped 'refrigerator, after checked, we will quote a total price, Sir, he agreed to start again after repair. ', says Mr Single agreed to take the refrigerator first detection, such as test results come out before deciding how to repair.
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