Regulator is key in what aspects of the 90 s

by:AIRWOLF     2020-05-21
Regulator is focused on in the 90 s in reliability, special difficult products research, improvement and improve. In the 90 s, by the shenyang company launched the first ten kinds of products - — A fully functional ultra light valve. Its outstanding characteristic is in reliability, function, and weight. The breakthrough of function - — The only one with a fully functional product, therefore, can be made of a product instead of numerous products of function is not complete, make the selection and use of simplification, varieties of simplified; In the breakthrough of weight - — Than the leading product single-seat valves, two-seat valves, the sleeve valve light 70 ~ 80%, are less than pure small valve 40 ~ 50%; The reliability of the break - — To solve the unreliability factors such as traditional regulating valve, such as sealing reliability, reliability of positioning, action reliability, etc. The arrival of the products, and make China's regulator technology and application level has reached the advanced level, in the late ninety s; It was a great breakthrough of regulating valve; Especially electronic fully functional ultra light valve, will become the mainstream of regulating valve in the 21st century. Level gauge to promote the development of China's valve industry valve assembly time considerations
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