Regulator valve sleeve jams how should solve?

by:AIRWOLF     2020-06-03
Regulator internal structure section in the process of production, due to causes such as water quality, scale intelligent regulator valve set of blockage, must remove the valve cover cleaning. The following detailed introduce for you. Because there was no special tool, remove the valve sleeve, the need to use tongs bite valve set inside outside along the rotation, and then spin out inside valve set, then use the hook to take out the valve sleeve. Because only 6 mm, outside the valve sleeve edge inside when the tongs bite deformation, can only use electric welding welding. Operated by this method, the following problems: first, the safety coefficient is low, 2 it is easy to cause the regulator scrap, the working process of the three is time-consuming, laborious, increase labor costs. Was developed to solve the above problems, combining with the actual production regulator valve set of special tools. Regulator valve set out special tools by inserting pipe jacking, plunger, impact hammer, nut, tie rod, etc. ( 1) Insert the pipe jacking. Pipe jacking maximum overall diameter 23. 5 mm, 21 mm minimum diameter, inner diameter of 13 mm, 145 mm, thread is 21 mm long. Lower installed 3 6 mm diameter of steel ball, used with plunger and bars. ( 2) Push rod. Plunger, 114 mm long, outer diameter 12 mm, lower part with taper, used with inserted into the pipe jacking. ( 3) The impact hammer. Impact hammer is 86 mm long, diameter 40 mm, 22 mm diameter. ( 4) The pull rod. Pull rod length 250 mm, outside diameter 21 mm, with inner collar, and inserted into the pipe jacking, impact hammer, the upper thread outside the band. ( 5) Nut. General common nut, installed on the lift rod. Tool to use: insert in pipe jacking through regulating valve set below the valve seat; Insert the plunger, the insert pipe jacking steel ball pop-up, then tighten the screw insert pipe jacking pressure, ensure that in the process of using steel ball does not rebound; To insert the rod and pipe jacking connection, the installation of impact hammer and the nut, by using impact hammer vibration will reveal a regulating valve seat and valve set up and down as a whole. The special tools used at the scene, steel ball up card within institutions, no emergence phenomenon.
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