Relief valve: upgrade NY42AX coal mine special relief valves

by:AIRWOLF     2020-05-16
Relief valve: upgrade NY42AX coal mine special relief valve and pressure relief valve: upgrade NY42AX coal mine special relief valves. This series of pressure relief valve belongs to a direct action type film spring pressure relief valve. Mainly by the regulating spring, diaphragm, piston, valve seat and valve disc parts. Using the diaphragm sensor downstream pressure directly drive valve disc, complete decompression voltage stabilizing function control of the opening of the valve disc. The product is smooth voltage regulator, voltage regulator action, suitable for water and non corrosive liquid medium pipeline. Pressure relief valve pressure regulating step 1 closed pressure reducing valve in front of the gate door, after open decompression valve gate valve gate, downstream manufacturing low pressure environment will adjust screw counterclockwise rotation to the on position ( Relative to the lowest outlet pressure) After, and then close the pressure relief valve gate valve gate; 2 open the valve slowly in front of gate valve to full open door; 3 turn adjusting screw clockwise slowly, the outlet pressure to the pressure needed to ( The table after the valve pressure shall prevail) , adjust good, will lock; After 4 nut lock open decompression valve gate valve gate; 5, such as when adjusting the outlet pressure is higher than the set pressure, must begin from the first step to readjust, namely only from low pressure to high pressure. Relief valve order note: relief valve selection should pay attention to the diameter, use medium, pressure before the valve, the valve after pressure, after the valve set pressure, maximum flow per hour, determine the valve gate size, connection, flange standard, the big trip, open stroke, flow control, pressure fluctuations ( Accuracy) Corresponding than pressure, temperature, maximum temperature tolerance, the valve body material, pressure, etc. , internal leakage rate, internal structure of the valve body, the work principle, installation instructions and related technical information. When using occasions is very important or the environment is more complex, please try to provide the design drawings and detailed parameters, by our experts, valve door company for your review. 感谢您访问我们的网站 相关减压阀门产品系列: YK43F气体减压阀门 液化气减压阀门 Y43H/Y先导活塞式蒸汽减压阀门 Y42X弹簧薄膜式减压阀门 YZ11X全铜支管式减压阀门 Y45H/Y杠杆式蒸汽减压阀门 YD43H高灵敏度蒸汽减压阀门 YD13H内螺纹高灵敏度蒸汽减压阀门 ZZYP自力式压力减压阀门 Y44H波纹管减压阀门 200P减压阀门 YZ11X不锈钢支管式减压阀门 Y43X固定比例式减压阀门 YB43X固定比例式减压阀门 YG43H高灵敏度蒸汽减压阀门 YG13H内螺纹高灵敏度蒸汽减压阀门 Y13H内螺纹蒸汽减压阀门 尼威阀门门售后服务承诺 对于贵公司在尼威阀门门订购阀门门产品,我厂在售后服务方面作如下承诺: 一、我公司对产品质量实行三包,即:包质、包换、保修; 2, after signing the contract, and ensuring the quality, on time delivery; Three, provided by the company to ensure that the valve door products reach the index of four, for the buyer's technical consulting contract, at any time to answer; Fifth, in the delivery of products, our factory to the buyer to deliver the following information: product certification, quality GenZongKa, product specification, ( Shipping list depending on the needs of customers) ; When a user response letter or telephone after quality problems, ensure the fastest reply within 24 hours to solve the problem.
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