Repair pit headlights broken solenoid valve damage directly in assembly overhaul

by:AIRWOLF     2020-06-19
Electromagnetic valve repair hole lamps are broken in assembly overhaul time to say something directly damage the hoodwinking people, it must be the car S shops, a variety of 'good for you, for your car banner, took out money from your pocket. Not only let us ahead of time on maintenance and maintenance, excessive maintenance, when we repair also very professional suggest we replace damaged parts, we have seldom heard of damage mechanic parts to repair it, but most of them are replacement parts or replacement assembly directly. Sometimes the change is necessary, and sometimes it is not necessary to change that much. Direct replacement of new parts, maintenance man can earn more partners, and S shop also can have a greater profit. To introduce below in S store the most easy to let them 'in not only taking' and 'excessive maintenance' place. Headlight lamps are broken in assembly not bright or brightness is not enough, we went to S shop testing, maintenance reception usually thrown to us the phrase 'the lights are not the car you, have to change the assembly. 'The average person will say at this time is likely to be the light bulb is broken, change a light bulb not finished? Affinity maintenance reception will be very serious tell you '' bulb is inside the headlight assembly, can't separate replacement, can only replace headlight assembly together. And if open headlight assembly, there was no way to guarantee the car. 'In such a game, I think there will be a big part of people believe that S shop, spend thousands in a headlight assembly. That, S shop not only made a lot of money on the repair parts, but also made a lot of hourly rate. To quickly repair shop or repair shop, change a light bulb is a few dollars, and minutes. Automatic transmission solenoid valve damaged direct replacement or overhaul we feel shift not smooth in the process of driving or have obvious sense of shock, shows the problems of automatic transmission. Due to the common owner for transmission structure don't understand, will be S shop, the fault infinite amplification, was supposed to take a change of electromagnetic valve can solve the problem, S shop will tell you of hydraulic torque converter or gear is broken, gearbox are in need of major repair, even some direct advice to replace the new transmission. Overhaul automatic transmission in yuan, basically have to tens of thousands of dollars if is to replace the transmission.
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