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by:AIRWOLF     2019-08-27
* Low cost * asme uv certification designed for high flow air, gas and liquid services, series 1400low-
Cost Safety safety valve with the company\'s alternative features
Convenient ring design for sealing and maintenance. O-
Including carbon fluoride (Viton), nitrile (Buna-N)
, Ethylene-propylene glycol, fluorine ether rubber.
This fixed sewage valve has flanges and three configurations, and the pressure was set by psig in 2000.
It can handle the inlet temperature-60[degrees]to 550[degrees]F.
Size range from 1/2-to 2-in dia.
And hole area 0. 059 to 0. 830[in. . sup. 2].
All valves are asme uv specifications stamped for air/gas and liquid sand is NBBI certified.
The standard materials are carbon steel main body and 316 stainless steel decoration.
Applications include gas compressors, separators, heater processors, washers, dehydrators, gas production units, transmission and collection lines.
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