Safety valve manufacturing industry will be good prospects for development

by:AIRWOLF     2020-05-24
With the development of the industry, the safety valve of the variety specification is also increasing, the application of the safety valve of the industry more and more, such as petrochemical industry, oil refining industry, nuclear industry, such as thermal power industry are widely used. Analysts pointed out that the safety valve industry market size in 2013 and last year, by contrast, there was a large expansion, and on the demand side, the safety valve demand market last year was twenty percent higher year-on-year. Safety valve industry in China, however, low production concentration and high-end products matching valve door research and development ability is low, the valve door industry manufacturing technology level low phenomenon still exists. Safety valve belong to automatic valve class, mainly for the boiler, pressure vessel and piping, control pressure shall not exceed the specified value, to protect personal safety and equipment operation plays an important role, as a kind of common and common tools, safety valve has an extremely extensive application in the market, its operating reliability and performance is directly related to the equipment and personal safety. The future of the relief valve with industrial automation, promote the overall level of safety valve equipment, development of multi-function, high efficiency, low consumption of petrochemical equipment safety valve. The valve door industry will be the quality of the products and product competition between brands, products to high technology, high parameter, strong corrosion resistance, high life direction. For relevant enterprises should constantly technology innovation, develop new products, technical renovation, to continue the research of high parameter valve door products technical parameters and working conditions, promote the relief valve doors products constantly updated, the comprehensive implementation relief valve doors of the localization. Champ consulting released '2010 - 2013 China safety valve market analysis and investment value study report: the safety valve manufacturing industry in our country under the environment of the huge demand, will present a better prospects for development. A growing number of industry application is also more new requirements for safety valve products, quality and technical requirements for safety valve is becoming more and more high.
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