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by:AIRWOLF     2019-08-27
New Delhi: five human rights activists arrested in connection with Bhima
The Supreme Court ordered on Wednesday that the Koregaon violence case would be placed under house arrest in their home until September 6, noting that the objection was a \"safety valve\" for democracy \".
The provision of the Supreme Court to activists varra Rao, Arun Farrera, Vernon Alves, sudaha badavayi and Gautam navaraka is currently not taking into account the strong opposition of the Maharashtra government petitioner, historian Romila Thapar and four others seek relief on their behalf, call them \"strangers\"
Police in Maharashtra have arrested them in connection with the FIR submitted after the secret meeting-
\"Parish of Elgar \"--
Held on December 31, violence later sparked in KoregaonBhima village.
The state questioned the petitioner\'s claim to voice it as a \"stranger.
Raids on seven cities and arrests of five activists;
There may be more attacks in the next few days, saying that the Chief Justice Deepak Mishra-led Judge Recea questioned the national police\'s move to arrest the activists nine months after the incident, and said they were all well-known citizens, \"not good.
\"The objection is a safety valve for democracy, and it will explode if you don\'t allow these safety valves,\" the judge also included M. khanwilkar and D. y. judge chandrazud said in a crowded court.
It took a strong note of the state government\'s opinion and said, \"This (arrest)
A broader problem. Their (petitioners\')
The problem is to calm down the objections.
\"Nine months after Bhima --
\"Koregaon, you go and arrest these people,\" the judge asked, while seriously noting the request of Maharashtra that they were arrested under FIR.
The judge gave notice to the government of Maharashtra and its police to consider the statement of Abhishek sinsinghvi, a senior defense lawyer who appeared in court for the petitioner, on house arrest of the arrested activists
He said that of the five arrested persons, two were currently under house arrest after two High Court orders were passed and three others were pending trial.
Singhvi said the five were \"under house arrest in their own homes\" as a temporary measure \".
The bench accepted the request but said all disputes between the parties would remain open.
Singhvi said that the National raids and arrests carried out by Maharashtra police nine months after registering FIR produced \"a human being and freedom for citizens with different voices\"
\"Can they do a massive sweep and arrest these respected citizens? \" he asked ? \"
He said none of the five arrested were charged in the FIR submitted to Bhima
Violence in Gorregan.
\"We petitioners are concerned about what happened,\" he said . \" He added that the arrests appeared to be \"a huge threat to this great government \".
Singhvi also said that if citizens were arrested in this way, it would be the end of democracy \".
\"In addition to Singhvi, a range of lawyers including senior counsel Rajeev Dhavan, Indira Jaising and Dushyant Dave, as well as Prashant Bhushan and Vrinda Grover
The other attorney general, toosar Mehta, and Nishant Katneshwarkar, counsel for the Maharashtra government, opposed the request and referred the petitioner to be the national court of the proceedings.
The legal officer, who did not question the social status of petitioners such as Romila Thapar, said, \"some strangers are in this court and there are no defendants in this court. They (petitioners)
Seeking relief for their arrest. accused)behalf\".
\"It is a strange argument that you continue to arrest others,\" Mehta said . \" He added, \"Please listen to our maintenance of this petition.
Strangers cannot seek the intended bail \"for others \".
Mehta also told the judge that some of these defendants were in prison earlier and that the petitioner opposed the argument.
At half-time, the courtan-
The one-hour hearing, which ended at five o\'clock P. M. , stated that it wanted to know the charges and materials against the accused.
The judge asked the state government to respond to the petition and allowed the petitioner to make a request for review, if any, and published the matter for hearing on September 6.
At the hearing, Davan called the arrest \"random\" and said he had been funding an organization run by a person arrested, all of whom were very upright.
While Dave said \"then no one will be safe\" if arrested like this, Jaising said that one of her former junior lawyers was also arrested and that she would file a separate application for that.
Grover asked the Supreme Court to suspend the transit of these defendants for retrial.
Thapar, economist Prabhat Patnaik and professor of sociology Satish Deshpandey and human rights lawyer Maja Daruwala\'s request for the arrest and immediate release of these persons
The famous Telugu poet valevara Rao was arrested in Hyderabad, and activists Vernon Alves and Allen Farrera were arrested in Mumbai. Union activist sudaha badawaji from Faridabad, Haryana, and civil liberties activist Gautam navaraka were arrested in New Delhi.
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