Self-reliance type steam pressure adjustment valve installation should pay attention to several details

by:AIRWOLF     2020-05-16
Self-reliance type pressure steam regulating valve is installed in the need to pay attention to the details of self-reliance type pressure steam regulating valve is a kind of self-reliance type adjustment valve, because do not need other foreign energy such as electricity, gas, only by the medium energy to drive itself, is not only energy-saving environmental protection, easy to use, after the installation is set pressure value can be put into automatic operation, so the control accuracy is not high, and the lack of electricity, gas, has been more and more widely used. Self-reliance type steam pressure regulating valves, however, need to correct selection and correct installation, use, to ensure that after put into operation without any problem. Selection aspects such as regulating valve is used to control valve or valve after pressure in front of the pressure, the medium is normal temperature or high temperature, with or without corrosion, high working pressure, and so on will not do more introduced, must be clear beforehand, we mainly introduces the installation issues. Because recently met a column type themselves steam pressure regulating valve used on the problems, is typical. Self-reliance type steam pressure regulating valves are used in steam pipe, put into use in just one or two months, the user is hot. To the scene, a large number of steam from the self-help type of pressure regulating valve film head vent and vent noise greatly, honking. The cause of the accident was apparently steam without head and burned the diaphragm condenser directly into the membrane. Self-reliance for steam pipe type steam pressure regulating valves, when installation, must be in between actuators and pipe of a condenser, head can not allow the steam into the actuator membrane, and self-reliance type steam pressure adjustment valve must be installed upside down, the condenser is higher than film head, must first use the ling condenser and membrane head filled with water. Look at the site of the installation, researchers asked the field instruments, these are no problem, what reason is caused? Head-scratching puzzlement. Carefully later asked a operator, has no intention of under that the regulation and put into use after installation of valve, condenser and membrane has been intermittent water head between the joint. Turned out to be such, leaking inversion of condenser water slowly light-leaking, steam will head into the membrane, burned the diaphragm.
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