Sewage composite exhaust valve pump pu equipment indispensable to the valve gate

by:AIRWOLF     2020-05-23
Sewage exhaust valve used in composite pipe the highest point on the road or there is breath, eliminate tube gas to unclog the pipes, to work properly, if not installed exhaust valve, pipe flow caused by moving heat generated in the liquid gas, and form a short circuit, make the pipe water capacity can not meet the requirements, secondly, pipeline operation occurs when a power outage, stop the pump pipe will appear negative pressure, and will cause pipeline vibration or rupture, row ( Suction) Gas valve is quickly put the air suction pipe, prevent the pipeline vibration or broken. Valve installed in the pump Po outlet or send water distribution pipeline, to eliminate pipe of the gathering of the air, to enhance the pipe and pump efficiency, once appear, negative pressure and tube, the valve can rapid inhalation of air, to keep line due to the negative pressure generated by the damage, is indispensable to pump Po equipment in the valve gate. When tube began to water injection, plug head stays in the open position, a large number of exhaust, when the air line up, the water floating ball valve body was floating up, drive head to the closed position, stop the gas; When water tube is normal transportation, if there is a small amount of air gathered within the valve to a degree, the valve the water level drops, floating ball drops, the air through the holes. When the pump stop, pipe flow space-time, or in the tube to produce negative pressure, the plug head open, sucked in air to ensure pipeline safety. Note: the exhaust valve in use process pressure not less than 0. 02 mpa, such as lower than 0. 02 mpa, exhaust valve is prone to leaking. Must be matched with a gate valve as a maintenance. Composite exhaust valve structure and purpose: sewage exhaust valve barrel type valve body structure, its internal main stainless steel ball float and head. Sewage exhaust valve design shipped due to causes for which the pump outlet or send water distribution pipeline, to eliminate pipe of the gathering of the air, to enhance the pipe and pump efficiency, tube once appeared negative pressure, the valve can quickly inhaled air, to ensure that the pipeline will not be damaged due to the suction surface. Sewage composite exhaust valve main technical parameters of 1. Nominal pressure: 1. 0Mpa 2. Nominal diameter: DN25 flange connection for 3 ~ 200 mm. Applicable medium: water, sewage, 4. Applicable temperature: 0 ~ 80 ℃. The flange standard: GB/T 17241. 6 6. Test standard: GB/T 13927 7. The valve body: HT200 8. Floating ball and flapper: 304 stainless steel 9. Sealing material: nitrile butadiene rubber
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