Shandong haiyang nuclear power project into the implementation stage

by:AIRWOLF     2020-05-21
From China's important power equipment manufacturing base - Harbin power station equipment group, recently, Harbin electric group mitsubishi consortium wins the bid - shandong haiyang nuclear power project the first phase of haiyang nuclear power steam turbine generator set ( TG) A kick-off meeting for conference in Harbin, China imported advanced third generation, the world * self-independence of pressurized water reactor nuclear power depends on the project haiyang nuclear power project has been * * enter the stage of implementation. Haiyang nuclear power project is the approval of the State Council to implement the democracy based on the first third-generation AP1000 nuclear power construction projects. The plant is located in the jiaodong peninsula in shandong, is China one of the two largest democracy depends on the project in the third generation of nuclear power technology. Planning a total installed capacity of 6 mega kilowatt nuclear power unit, the first phase will build two million kilowatt AP1000 nuclear power unit. Ha - mitsubishi electric group starts from February 2007 to participate in a consortium haiyang nuclear power bidding, contract negotiations, sign a contract on January 31, 2008. It is understood that under the close cooperation of the parties and make unremitting efforts, the first phase of haiyang nuclear power steam turbine generator set ( TG) Supply contract to take effect on April 14, the parties will be in accordance with the contract to carry out the design and manufacture of * *. According to the country for nuclear power project ci and power plant auxiliary facilities of the landlord is responsible for the project construction management requirements, shandong nuclear power co. , LTD. Since last year were related to the purchase of equipment and work organization. After tough negotiations, shandong haiyang nuclear power steam turbine generator set supply contract signed in Beijing on January 31, 2008. Since then, in order to ensure the contract comes into effect as soon as possible and carried out smoothly, a lot of positive preparation and coordination work on all sides. According to introducing, nuclear power plant is mainly composed of nuclear island, steam turbine generator set and the ancillary facilities. The role of turbo-generator set is produced will nuclear energy into electricity, so the TG of the contract take effect marks the first phase of the haiyang nuclear power project turbo-generator set supply contract into * * execution phase. Shandong haiyang nuclear power project stepped into the stage of implementation to prevent counterfeit 'HOPE' maintain the legitimate rights and interests of pump valve reconstruction of southwest oil and gas field application of the new results
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