Shanghai instrumentation and control system as one of the important industries

by:AIRWOLF     2020-06-02
By Shanghai economic and information committee, the instrument society of China and Shanghai fengxian district people's government hosted, Shanghai industrial automation instrument research institute to undertake the 'revitalization of the Shanghai instrumentation and control system of industry' seminar on March 31, 2010 was held in Shanghai. XiaoGuiYu Shanghai municipal government deputy secretary-general attended the seminar and speech pointed out that the Shanghai municipal party committee municipal government is vigorously promoting industrialization of high and new technology in the field of advanced major equipment, and instrumentation and control system as one of the important direction of major equipment advanced high and new technology industrialization. Seminar hosted by secretary general of the China instrument institute professor Wu Youhua. The deputy director of the Shanghai economic and information commission ShangYuYing 'accelerate the Shanghai instrumentation industry development idea' the theme of the speech, fengxian district hai-long tang made 'fengxian optical instrument industry development orientation' in the report. Seminar invited song-lin zhuang from the Chinese Academy of Engineering, you-xian sun, zhang zhong hua, Gong Huixing four academicians made scientific instruments, industrial automation instrument, measurement technology, the space remote sensing instrument special reports. Academicians in their respective professional as the main line, introduced the development trend of instrument and meter industry, analyzes the present situation of the domestic industry, and puts forward the revitalization of Shanghai's Suggestions to the development of instrumentation and control system industry. Song Zongyan from scientific research institutes, ming-yuan zhang, professor hong-hai xu respectively from sensors, electrical instrumentation, nuclear instrument and control system are analyzed and put forward the development proposal. Instrumentation and control system in the world today is developing fast * * wide application, strong permeability *, means one of the key technologies, to the high reliability, high performance, high applicability and digital, intelligent, networked and integrated direction. In recent years, Shanghai to promote the instrumentation and control system as an important content, improve the level of advanced manufacturing industry on the fengxian, harbor and other optical instrument industry base, gathered a batch of domestic and foreign well-known enterprises such as Siemens, Emerson and related institutions, and in the special and general instrumentation, metallurgy automatic control, orbit traffic signal and the comprehensive monitoring and other fields to form a certain advantage; But compared with international advanced level, in the overall technology level, industry scale and technical level there is still a big gap between. Workshop on the cluster industry experts, special reports, discusses the form such as key exchange, Shanghai in the new economic situation, how to accelerate the combination of scientific research institutions at home and abroad industry, how to improve the instrumentation and control system of Shanghai industry's capacity for independent * *, how to attract more high level of domestic and international enterprise and personnel in Shanghai, to jointly promote the instrumentation and control system of Shanghai industry revitalization again. In recent years, China instrument to give full play to the role of industry association, joint local governments actively, build the experts, the government, the enterprise interaction platform, efforts to achieve the tightness combination of science and technology with economy, promote the development of the local industry and economic revitalization of the local instrument industry, so as to promote the revitalization of the whole instrument and meter industry. Shanghai instrumentation and control system as one of the important industry of four electric valve advantages beat thick manual pneumatic valve into mainstream Shanghai pu valve of the Dragon Boat Festival holiday notice
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