Shanghai thick pu valve successfully trial-produced ultrahigh pressure solenoid valve

by:AIRWOLF     2020-05-22
Recently, after Shanghai thick pu valve the joint efforts of all developers, successfully trial-produced diameter for success (, pressure of up to 260 mpa normally open type high pressure solenoid valve. HOPE96 ultrahigh pressure solenoid valve adopts the technology of the HOPE of flying saucers piston structure, professional ultrahigh pressure solenoid valve design. The valve core to multilayer disc ring, design elastic ring seal between the discs, thus formed with bottom sealing valve core 3 d sealing, long good cooperation of the valve core and valve chamber; At the same time in the bottom of the valve core has designed a guide rod, to ensure that the valve core displacement of periodic, avoid using piston displacement caused by long wire coil. HOPE96 ultrahigh pressure solenoid valve can be applied to gas, water, oil, steam, refrigerant, a variety of media such as corrosive fluids, * low start-up pressure is only 0. For - 02 mpa, medium temperature 200 ~ + 450 ℃, with internal thread and flange connection way, normally open normally closed are available, the valve material is 304, 316; Voltage is AC220V, DC24V ( Other voltage can be customized) ; And it can realize a variety of special features: explosion-proof type ( dⅡCT5) ; Manual function; Signal feedback; Time switch; Normally open function. HOPE96 ultrahigh pressure solenoid valve has been widely used in aerospace, defense, military, nuclear industry, shipbuilding industry, petrochemical, electric power equipment, medical equipment, industrial furnaces, drying equipment, fire equipment, hvac, cleaning equipment, plating coating, measuring, filling machines, food industry, water treatment system in superhigh pressure control system. Shanghai thick pu valve extra-high voltage solenoid valve successfully trial-produced tianjin valve products will be a significant decline in exports in the first quarter of pump valve is affected by the localization of mechanical parts
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