Sharing electric stainless steel valve switch position adjustment

by:AIRWOLF     2020-05-23
Sharing electric stainless steel valve switch position adjustment result electric stainless steel valves should be in accordance with the requirements of the adjustment of each manufacturer have to manually close the valve to & other; Full close & throughout; Position or & other; Open & throughout; Position. If according to the requirements of large diameter artificial closed gate valve open time spent much, also very laborious. But what if you know the adjustable valve stem tooth pitch, the adjustment electric gate valve is very convenient. At present domestic valve diameter in DN400 - DN600 gate the pole tooth is apart from the general to ram; DN600 caliber valve stem teeth from above average 10 for ram. The gate valve manufacturers if possible asked stem tooth pitch. After adjusting valve electric actuator, if know in advance the gate location, such as know the gate valve is in full close position, first adjust & other; Full close & throughout; Position. First of all, using hand will gate to open in the direction of rotation, such as the valve rod rotation or half a circle a circle. Then send the power press & other; Open & throughout; Button. At this time can be adjusted first gate valve stroke control mechanism, transferred to the fully closed position, full close position after the adjustment, gate valve can be adjusted by the full open position. At this time in the open electric stainless steel valves, count gate valve stem rotation circle knew whether to & other; Open & throughout; Position. Five laps. At the press of a throttle button at 63 ring valve to & other; Open & throughout; Position, adjust valve electric actuator controller schedule and make & other; Open & throughout; The location of the micro switch action. Since electric gate valve can be closed, open check it again, adjust the end. If the electric gate valve in open position before adjustment, you should adjust the position of the open first steps as described above. Electric stainless steel valve adjusted notice: 1. Electric stainless steel valves after using for a year, to check a torque limit institutions of the adjusting nut set screws have you loose or fall off. Special valve electric actuator, electric valve in use the gate valve by valve plate at the bottom of the upper bursting or fixed electric device by stiffened plates join crack. Why have a torque limit institutions, a moment without action, don't cut off the power supply, the reason is that the torque limit institution in come out of the adjusting nut loose tight set screw for adjusting nut tightening spring over a long period of time, until killed the spring, lose torque limit institutions, no protection, electric gate valve damage accident. So a set screws should be inspected every year ever fall off, if the mobility to timely to tighten the set screw, fall off and find out the reason and reinforcement. 2. Manual a electric switch handle requirements of mechanical flexible, flipping freely, when to manually, make sure to cut off the power supply, there was an accident in order to avoid failure. 3. The gate valves, rarely for a long time to switch on a regular basis, to guarantee the normal work of the use of ( Preferably once every march rotation) 。
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