Shigeru letter classification | ball valve ball valve model establishment method

by:AIRWOLF     2020-05-23
The ball valve model establishment method | classification a ball valve, ball valve model establishment method and classification explanation: because the ball valve is widely used in actual life, and there are many different kinds of the ball valve model, use diversity, mau technology based on years of experience in design and manufacture the letter again will the ball valve model establishment method and make a detailed classification of text, hope to the masses of users at the time of ball valve selection and use, there is a reference, to avoid the use of ball valves and improper selection of the actual use and economic losses. Shigeru letter ball valve classification: 1 ball, floating ball valve, ball valve is floating, under the effect of medium pressure, the fitness ball produce certain displacement and compression at the outlet seal surface, guarantee the outlet seal. Floating ball ball valve has simple structure, good sealing, but all spheres of work under medium load to export seal, therefore should consider to seal material can withstand sphere medium working load. In this structure, it is widely used in low pressure ball valve. 2, the fixed ball ball valve ball valve ball is fixed, does not produce mobile after compression. Fixed ball valves have a floating ball valve seat, the medium pressure, mobile seat, make the seal compression on the ball, to ensure the seal. Usually mounted on the upper and lower shaft with ball bearing, the operating torque is small, suitable for high pressure and large diameter of the valve. To reduce the number of ball valve operating torque and increase seal can be *, appeared in recent years, oil seal ball valve, both betting special lubricant between the sealing surface, in order to form a layer of oil film, which increases the sealing, and reduce operating torque, suitable for high pressure large diameter ball valve. 3, elastic ball ball valve ball valve is elastic sphere. Ball and seat sealing adopts metal materials, sealing pressure is very big, rely on the pressure of the medium itself already could not reach the requirements of sealing, must exert external forces. This valve is suitable for high temperature and high pressure medium. Elastic ball is on the lower end of the sphere wall open one elastic slot, and elasticity. When close the channel, sphere rolling out with stem wedge-shaped head pressure to seal with the valve seat. Wedge head before you turn the sphere are released, the sphere then restore the original prototype, appear very small gap between the sphere and valve seat, can reduce the sealing surface friction and operating torque. Ball valve position according to the channel can be divided into straight-through, three general formula and right Angle type. Two kinds of ball valves for distribution after the medium and change the flow of medium. Three instances, ball valves preparation method: 1, DQ41H - Low temperature 16 P said: D, 1, 4 Q ball valve flange connection, the floating straight flow channel, H stainless steel, 16 pressure is 16 kg, P for 18 to valve body 8 series stainless steel; 2,Q645F - 25 C said: Q ball valves, pneumatic drive, 4 flange, 5 t t port, fluorine plastic, 25 pressure 25 kg, C F cast steel. Four, the ball valve model establishment method: ball valves attached code: V cryogenic valve core with a v-shaped structure, D, B said heat preservation, eccentric structure, U and S and P said DY said jacket type; The code name of the ball valve: Q said ball valve; Ball valve driver code: 2 electro - hydraulic turbine, 3 said, 6 said said pneumatic, hydraulic, 9 electric, manual without number; Connection code: 1 female, 4 said flange, 6 said welding, 7 said the wafer; Structural type code: floating: 1 for straight-through flow to said, 2 Y type tee, 4 L tee, 5 T T; : fixed: 0 means hemisphere pass-through, 6 said cross flow, 7 said direct flow to 9, 8 said L tee, said Y type tee; Sealing material code: B babbitt, fluorine rubber, F46 fluorine-butterfly F, H rust steel, rubber lining, M J monel alloy, nylon plastic, monel P, N Y body directly processing hard alloy, W; Pressure rating code: 16 said pressure is 16 kg ( 1. 6Mpa) Maximum to 64 mpa; Class: 150 lb said American standard pressure, maximum pressure rating of up to 2500 lb ( 150磅= 1。 6MPA/300LB=2. 5 - 4. 0mpa/400LB=6. 4mpa/600LB=10mpa) ; : 5 k level, pressure, maximum pressure of 63 k; Body material code: A titanium and titanium alloy, carbon steel, chrome molybdenum steel, P18 I C - 8 stainless steel, RMo2Ti stainless steel, S plastic. Five, the common letter mau ball valve types and models: V type ball valve: VQ40F, VQ640F, VQ940F, VQ641H, VQ941H, VQ70F, VQ670F, VQ970F, VQ71H, VQ671H, VQ971H; Insulation ball valve: BQ41F, BQ641F, BQ941F; Stainless steel ball valve: Q41F, Q641F, Q941F, Q41H, Q641H, Q941H; Lining fluorine ball valve: Q41F46, Q641F46, Q941F46; Cryogenic ball valve: DQ41F, DQ41H, DQ41Y; Wafer ball valve: Q71F, Q671F, Q971F, Q71H, Q671H, Q971H, high temperature ball valve: Q41M, Q641M, Q941M, Q41PPL, Q641PPL, Q941PPL, fixed ball valve: Q347F, Q647F, Q947F, Q347H, Q647H, Q947H, Q347W, Q647W, Q947W; Turbine valves: Q341F, Q341H, Q341W, Q341Y; Welded ball valve: Q61F, Q361F, Q61H, Q661F, Q661H, Q961F, Q961H; Half of an eccentric valve: Q340F, Q640F, Q940F, Q340H, Q640H, Q940H, Q340Y, Q640Y, Q940Y; Jacket type ball valve: SQ340F, SQ940F, SQ340H, SQ940H, SQ347H, SQ647H, SQ947H, DYQ340F, DYQ640F, DYQ940F; Three-way ball valve: Q44F, Q45F, Q44H, Q45H, Q644F, Q645F, Q644H, Q645H, Q944F, Q945F, Q944H, Q945H; Spool valves: Q46F, Q46H, Q646F, Q646H, Q946F, Q946H. 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