Shigeru letter valve factory valves to teach you how to choose

by:AIRWOLF     2020-05-22
Water supply pipe with valve, general principle according to the following options: 1, the diameter is not more than 50 mm, appropriate USES cut-off valve, gate valve, butterfly valve in pipe diameter greater than 50 mm. 2, be used to adjust the flow rate and pressure regulating valve, globe valve. 3, requirements flow resistance small parts ( Such as water pump suction pipe) , appropriate USES gate valve. 4, the water should be two-way flow should be adopted on the section of gate valve, butterfly valve, cut-off valve should not be used. 5, small installation space of appropriate USES butterfly valve, ball valve. 6, on the section often opening and closing, appropriate USES cut-off valve. 7, diameter larger water pump outlet pipe on the appropriate USES multifunctional valve.
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