Simple main advantages and disadvantages of doing a summary of stainless steel valves

by:AIRWOLF     2020-05-23
Simple summary on stainless steel gate valve of the main advantages and disadvantages of stainless steel gate valves because of its long service life, is not easy to rust, outstanding advantages such as green environmental protection has entered the industrial application, has become the industry pipeline will purchase in the field of valve products, so the user before purchasing stainless steel gate valves must ask vendors to provide all kinds of stainless steel valve production and factory certificate, can also use the spectrometer, spectrometer for high precision, wide using range and has been widely used, its application in the field of precious metal and stainless steel valve testing has also got rapid development in recent years. Many customers want to choose stainless steel gate to help project process, easy operation, but for the stainless steel gate valves and the advantages and disadvantages of such things is not enough to understand, don't know what is the distinguishing feature of it, what need to be aware of. Today will come to you to introduce the advantages and disadvantages of stainless steel gate valve, in order to weigh the stainless steel gate valves suitable extent. Stainless steel gate valve has an advantage: first, the switch is very convenient, it is very save Labour, so it can be carried easily; Second, it will not be moving when fluid flow; Third, sealing side is equipment less susceptible to erosion and erosion, so it is not easy to cause depreciation; Fourth, the equipment simple structure form, so short the length of the structure, and have very good production process, so it is widely applicable scope. Of course, in addition to the advantages and some disadvantages: first, although the medium sealing surface will not cause erosion and wear and tear, but between the sealing surface will rub against each other, and once the friction scratches, etc. , it is difficult to repair, so this is a weakness; Second, although short the length of the machine, but the size of the shape, so open when the need to find a place where space is large, and as a result, the process of the switch longer; Third, is the machine's structure is complicated, so for many people who are unfamiliar to machine, the look is a difficult problem. These are simple overview of the advantages and disadvantages of stainless steel gate valves. I believe through reading will multiply your understanding of the device, but also to measure whether the device is suitable for you.
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