Sinopec filling valve localization discussion meeting held in Beijing

by:AIRWOLF     2020-05-21
On June 30, localization of large-scale ethylene plant in sinopec meeting room hydrogenation valves feasibility discussion meeting. Sinopec localization and LouJian often Wang Yutai director of the office of the deputy director to attend the meeting and delivered a speech. The meeting shall be presided over by sinopec content pack Yu Liangjian, deputy director of the company. Meeting invited several valve industry pundits and design institute of experts to attend, we have learned, our country large-scale ethylene plant equipment already amounted to 80%, form a complete set of ethylene with high temperature and high pressure valve under sinopec and China valve association jointly promote has realized localization, effect is good, the product quality and performance is superior to the imported products. Sinopec Wang Yutai push valve localization, director of the confidence is very big, believe the domestic backbone enterprises have the ability to undertake the project research task. What has been discussed the delegates agreed that 1500 lb hydrogenation valves can completely realize the localization, 2500 lb hydrogenation valves can also be partial implementation localization. Sinopec filling valve localization discussion meeting held in Beijing introduction to pump valve enterprise transformation and development four close down backward production facilities of electric valve advantages beat manual pneumatic valve into the mainstream
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