Small butterfly valve door in the process of using common sense

by:AIRWOLF     2020-05-17
For 30 years, the United States found that the butterfly valve door, 50 years was introduced into Japan, widely used in Japan to 60 years, while in China is about 70 years later. In the world today is in commonly 12 mm to god has gradually some gate valve gate valve. Butterfly valve door and gate valve door contrast with opening and closing time is short, operation for the moment is small, small installation space and light weight. To DN1000, for example, about 2 t butterfly valve door, and gate valve door about 3. 5 t, and the butterfly valve door easily combined with all kinds of drive assembly, has excellent durability and good sex.  橡胶密封蝶阀门错误谬误是作节约使用时,因为使用不妥会发生气蚀,使橡胶座剥落、损伤等情形发生。 Therefore, at the moment and develop international metal sealing butterfly valve door, cavitation zone decreases, and in recent years, our country is also developing the metal sealing butterfly valve gate, in Japan in recent years also developed cavitation resistance, low vibration, low noise of the comb tooth shape butterfly valve gate.  一般密封座的寿命在正常情形下,橡胶15年- For 20 years, 80 - metal In 90. But how correct selection should in accordance with the requirements for working condition.  蝶阀门的开度与流量之间的关系,根基上呈线性比例转变。 If not beautiful is used to control flow, the flow characteristic and pipe flow resistance has rigorous close relationships, such as two piping valve gate diameter, form etc all don't, and the pipe loss coefficient of trace their differences and the valve gate flow differences may also be very eve.  如不美观阀门门处于节约幅度较年夜状况,阀门板的后背轻易发生气蚀,有损坏阀门门的可能,一般均在15° External use.  蝶阀门处于中开度时,阀门体与蝶板前端形成的启齿外形以阀门轴为中心,两侧形成完成分歧的状况,一侧的蝶板前端顺流水标的目的而动,另一侧逆流水标的目的而动,是以,一侧阀门体与阀门板形成似喷嘴形启齿,另一侧近似节约孔形启齿,喷嘴侧比节约侧流速快的多,而节约侧阀门门下面会发生负压,往往会呈现橡胶密封件脱落。  蝶阀门操作力矩,因开度及阀门门启闭标的目的分歧其值各异,卧式蝶阀门,出格是年夜口径阀门,因为水深,阀门轴上、下水头差所发生的力矩也不容轻忽。 In addition, the valve inlet side door assembly elbow, form the bias current, torque will be add. Valve door opening in the center, because the water flow moment impregnation, operators need to be self-locked.
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