Small pneumatic flow control valve debugging and fault maintenance

by:AIRWOLF     2020-05-19
1, trachea link connection has two: one is the gas supply interface, marked 'SUP' gas supply, the other is a locator output interface, read 'OUT' ( Output) With the words. Tracheal connection please note don't let the seal belt or dirt into the line. The trachea can be used from 6 mm or 8 mm copper tube. Locator factory general with phi 6 mm tracheal connector of cutting sleeve type. If you need with phi 8 mm copper tube, please specify when ordering. 2, 1) circuit connection Removed the lid of the box, the input signal is negative and correspondence of junction box is negative, firm fixation, shall not be loose. 2) Flame-proof locator shall ensure that the creepage distance between two attachment 4 mm or higher, the signal service entrance can use explosion-proof flexible hose connection, its interface thread for G1/2. , thread length 22 or higher. Can also be used direct cable connection, cable diameter for phi 8 + / - 1 mm, conductor cross-sectional area > 1. Part 5 was, cable entry shall not be arbitrarily sealing plug is removed and gasket. Gland nut must be compact, to ensure the seal. After good to tighten lock screw. 3) Intrinsically safe locators must be used and associated equipment form a complete set of safety barrier, the installation, commissioning of safety barrier must be strictly in accordance with the instructions of safety barrier. The connection wire or cable capacitance < 0. 03 uf, the highest distributed inductance < 1. 0 mh。 3. Note: (1) open after power off. (2) the ground. (3) the site must abide by rules of explosion-proof electrical equipment safety. (4) flameproof external connection joint should meet dIICT explosive-proof grade requirements. (5) intrinsically safe external connection joint should meet iaIICT5 explosive-proof grade requirements. 6 safety barrier and locator connection wire and cable allows distributed capacitance and inductance to a value greater than 0. 03 uf and 1. 0 mh。 All landowners in the cable conductor cross-sectional area S > 0. 5 was, shield grounding in a safe place. End of safety barrier installation and debugging must abide by the safety barrier the relevant provisions of the operating instructions.
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