Soft-sealing gate valve fault handling

by:AIRWOLF     2020-05-23
Soft-sealing gate valve it powered by compressed air, the cue drives the ball turned 90 degrees can be realized fully open & ndash; — Full close action. The seat forms: T, F, C. The supporting the use of attachment with air filtering pressure reducing valve, limit switch, solenoid valve. Which is the main purpose of air filtering pressure reducing valve, stable pressure and filter the impurities in the air and water vapor. The valve is often use certain time fault is flat. Following a brief introduction of the common faults of this valve and the corresponding maintenance method. Solenoid valve on the cylinder gas leakage, may be due to the pressure reducing valve in the air pressure is too high. Cylinder vent leakage, this is because the two moving parts inside the cylinder and cylinder seal ring appeared aging phenomenon. The top and bottom of the cylinder gas leakage, it is because of the actuators and cylinder seal ring due to its frequent activities of the actuator without sealing effect. Besides the above three kinds of circumstances, there is another kind of circumstance may also make the cylinder gas leakage, the spring in the cylinder is damaged, due to strength to not reach the designated position, it may also be caused by inadequate.
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