Solenoid valve and the electric valve main difference

by:AIRWOLF     2020-05-18
1, the nature of work: solenoid valve flow coefficient is very small, usually working and pressure difference is. For example, are usually 25 diameter of solenoid valve flow coefficient ratio & amp; , 15 diameter is much smaller electric ball valve. Solenoid valve is driven by electromagnetic valve coil, are easy to be voltage shock damage. Equivalent to the effect of the switch is opened shut two effects. Electric valve is usually with motor, voltage impact resistance. Solenoid valve is closed fast and fast, usually used in small flow rate and pressure, big demand switch frequency, electric valves and vice. Electric valve opening can control, is open, closed, half-open half closed, can control the medium inside the pipeline flow and solenoid valve can not reach the requirements. Solenoid valve power usually can reset, electric valve to be the function of such demand and reset the device. Electric butterfly valves, electric gate valves, electric valve, suitable process: solenoid valves suitable some special process requirements, for example leak, special fluid medium, etc. Electric valves are normally used for mode, also has the switch quantity, for example: fan coil end. 3, switch mode: solenoid valve, although its function is simple, only the function of the open and stop, but its advantage is driven by electric response speed. For electric valve, although function better, but because of the motor drive, the relationship between open close to slow to react.
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