Solenoid valve belong to?

by:AIRWOLF     2020-06-19
Solenoid valve belong to? Solenoid valve ( Electromagneticvalve) Is to use electromagnetic control of industrial equipment, is used to control the fluid automation components, belonging to the actuator, is not limited to hydraulic, pneumatic. In the industrial control system, is used to adjust the direction of the medium, flow, speed and other parameters. Solenoid valve can cooperate with different circuit to achieve the desired control, the control precision and flexibility to be able to guarantee. Solenoid valve, electromagnetic valve, there are many kinds of different work in different position of the control system, the most commonly used is a one-way valve, safety valve, direction control valves, speed regulator, etc. Solenoid valve in principle can be divided into three categories, direct acting solenoid valve, step by step direct acting solenoid valve, pilot operated solenoid valve solenoid valve selection should first, in turn, follow the safety, reliability, applicability and economy of the four principles, the second is based on the six aspects of the site condition ( The pipeline parameters and fluid parameters, pressure, electrical parameters, the movement way, choose special requirement) 。
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