Solenoid valve damage caused by laser grader scraper shovel the elevator fault

by:AIRWOLF     2020-06-19
Solenoid valve damage caused by laser grader scraper scraper lifting electromagnetic valve failure cause fault network admin time each other, scraper shovel don't lift. First checks whether the receiver can detect laser signal, the receiver can only detect the benchmark level soil CM within the scope of the laser signal, therefore should adjust the position of the laser transmitter and receiver, determine the level of laser, and adjust the laser emitter and receiver, the receiver can normal laser signal is received. Then check that the controller is ON, when to determine the normal work of the receiver, and scraper shovel does not work, can check the fixed controllers have electricity in the cab, namely the control handle in the 'ON' position red light ( It means normal controller) , such as the red light is not bright, can check whether the controller and the battery is electricity. The third check whether the pressure valve in the hydraulic control system is damaged, when bad pressure valve, hydraulic circuit in Chang Tong state, scraper shovel couldn't lift. Fourth check electromagnetic valve damage, when the damage of electromagnetic valve, hydraulic circuit in the closed state, scraper scraper can't work normally. , scraper, scraper lifting work. First check hydraulic tubing for oil leakage phenomenon, such as hydraulic oil leakage in the tubing, the pressure in the hydraulic circuit is insufficient, scraping shovel of earth will rise or ineffective. Such as hydraulic tubing leak hole is lesser, usable sealant plugging, such as the oil hole is bigger, can replace the hydraulic tubing. Second, check the pressure valve, such as hydraulic tubing not leak, may be not enough pressure valve, adjustable pressure valve valve, make the pressure valve pressure. The third check electromagnetic valve, such as hydraulic tubing does not leak, pressure valve pressure is high enough, it is possible that the coil burned inside the solenoid valve, to winding coil or replace solenoid valve. Fourth check hydraulic oil pump, such as the above parts are normal, it is possible that the hydraulic oil pump closed lax, in and out of the oil immersion oil phenomenon in a mouth, large amount of gear wear and tear or in and out of the oil outlet upside. Can't control, manual controller scraper shovel. Check whether the controller is electrified, hydraulic tubing leaks oil or electromagnetic valve is damaged. , scraper, scraper lifting in contrast to the actual. Check that the manual detector circuit and electromagnetic valve is installed backwards.
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