Solenoid valve electric power is not action is out of control cause analysis

by:AIRWOLF     2020-06-18
Solenoid valve electric power electromagnetic valve action is out of control cause analysis not electrical network admin work time even bad three coil electromagnetic valve of the same position, whether current or power did not respond. And a lot of moisture in compressed air, obviously see attach to the wall of water flow; And factories in the other electromagnetic valve ah? The body is very big, and it is V. Or at least a solenoid valve Shared a gas source processor sanlian pieces, rarely appears problem. Mentioned in DN solenoid valve solenoid valve solenoid valve position is a V alone with a gas source processor sanlian pieces, electromagnetic valve is always appear the out of control phenomenon. Analysis of causes, the gas source processor is too small, and compressed air moisture content is too much, lead to the final touch water solenoid which is out of control; , electromagnetic valve body is too small, the voltage is too low, Factory, everything else is V or V Shared a gas source processor) ; Why can't, the electromagnetic valve internal touch water; , due to water coil short circuit; And try to replace other types of electromagnetic valve; Is there a dryer, the air compressor? Can put all of the bags under wind valve open, put the water, the wind near the air compressor package on the water every day; And if the water is too much, want to use dryer. Solenoid valve solenoid valve DN electromagnetic valve through the above analysis electric power is not action of fault, the analysis is in place? 'The east solenoid valve,' the more related electromagnetic valve knowledge and common troubleshooting see/diancifa problem
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