Solenoid valve factory have gained good reputation among the merchants & # 8206;

by:AIRWOLF     2020-06-20
Solenoid valve factory have gained good reputation among the merchants & #; Solenoid valve solenoid valve factory is specialized is engaged in the administration time of various kinds of pump valve and accessory products production and sales enterprises. Company strong technical force, advanced production technology, complete testing equipment, scientific management, reliable quality, wide variety. Production of various performance in strict accordance with the relevant national standards. Consists of pump valve two and more than a dozen processing plants solenoid valve production and sales of gate valve, globe valve, check valve, ball valve, pressure reducing valve, needle valve, regulating valve, diaphragm valve, butterfly valve, solenoid valve, steam trap, plunger valves, plug valves, forged steel valve, needle valve, instrument valve, level gauge, flow meter, exhaust valve, flame arrester, knife gate valve, slurry valve, copper valves, balance valves, stainless steel valves, valve lining fluorine rubber lining, pipe clamp valve, American standard valve, power station valve, breathing valve, hydraulic control valve, vacuum valve, emptying valve, pneumatic Angle seat valve, insulation valves, filters, bottom valve, balance valve, drain valve high, medium and low pressure valve. MMMM (nominal diameter / ' ') , the nominal pressure. MpaMpa( LbLb) , working temperature ℃ ℃. Using WCB body material. WC, WC, GCrMo, G products are widely used in municipal engineering, oil, power stations, chemical fertilizer, steel, pharmaceutical, chemical high-rise buildings, textile and other fields. BR > the electromagnetic valve factory production and sales of centrifugal pump, magnetic pump, sewage pump, vacuum pump, self-priming pump, diaphragm pump, chemical pump, gear pump, screw pump, slurry pump, slurry pump, multi-stage pump, vortex pump, submerged pump, sewage pump, oil pump, gear pump, pipeline pump, shield pump, corrosion-resistant pumps, pipeline centrifugal pump. Multistage centrifugal pump. Pneumatic diaphragm pump. Electric diaphragm pump. Water ring vacuum pump. Rotary vane vacuum pump. Hydraulic ejector, ZX type self-priming pump. Self-priming sewage pump. Pipe drainage pump. Diving sewage pump. Submerged sewage pump. No blocked sewage pump. Stir in sewage pump automatically. Glass fiber reinforced plastic pump. Submersible pump. Hand pump. W type vortex pump, water pump electrical control cabinet, variable frequency constant pressure water supply equipment, diaphragm pressure tank, etc. ( 研究小组,IH GDL、DL、LG、TSWA, XBD, IB, G,空军基地,FSB, ZW, QW、过流。 CQ, FY, FS, SYB, etc. ) Amounted to more than 20 various series more than one thousand varieties, widely used in municipal engineering, power stations, chemical industry, water plants, industrial and mining enterprises, with advanced equipment, reasonable prices by the broad masses of users. The company adhere to the strives for the survival by the quality, seek development by science and technology, the way of observing contracts and keeping promise, the production and business operation to get rapid development. We will with high quality products and perfect after-sales service to extensive cooperation with friends from all walks of life sincerely, create a better future together!
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