Solenoid valve factory packaging requirements

by:AIRWOLF     2020-06-18
Solenoid valve factory packaging requirements of production supervisor Yang called electromagnetic valve, director of the quality and packaging personnel, puts forward some requirements, is the electromagnetic valve factory packaging company produces the electromagnetic valve factory shall adopt wooden box packaging, and require all use the new board, wooden, there can be no flash or burr, the cases should have the company LOGO and delivery quantity and specification, to facilitate customers sign for it. , electromagnetic valve placed in wooden cases, not impose extrusion, should according to the specifications, the order in accordance with the kind of emissions, reoccupy expansion foam filling, to ensure that the electromagnetic valve is not shake in the wooden cases. , electromagnetic valve quantity is large, should use a few wooden box packaging, to avoid in the process of transportation valve damaged as a result of being overweight. , each solenoid valve must use bubble bag, and valves not off paint, the phenomenon such as collision. , the electromagnetic valve factory, must be placed as required product certification, product specifications, product quality inspection report, product delivery note and the relevant valves other requirements of the customer information. , each solenoid valve must be suppressed commissioning and electrical test, shall have a problem product. Yang, director of the final stressed the valve as long as a factory, on behalf of the company's image, so every staff must is responsible earnestly, maintain company and product image. The company will formulate the corresponding rewards and punishment system, and to ensure the smooth implementation of the new regulations. Solenoid valve factory is a set of solenoid valve design, research and development, manufacture, testing, installation as one of the high-tech entity enterprise, consultation telephone order
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