Solenoid valve failure analysis and elimination method

by:AIRWOLF     2020-05-22
Solenoid valve failure will directly affect the switching valve and control valve, common fault electromagnetic valve is not action, screening from the following aspects: ( 1) Solenoid valve terminal is loose or falls off thrum, electromagnetic valve shall not electricity, can tighten thread ends. ( 2) Solenoid coil burn out, can remove the solenoid valve connection, measured with a multimeter, if open circuit, the electromagnetic valve coil burn out. Coil be affected with damp be affected with damp, reasons caused bad insulation and magnetic flux leakage, causing excessive current in coil and burned down, so to prevent rain water from entering the solenoid valve. In addition, the spring quality, reaction force is too large, the coil number of turns is too little, not enough suction also coil may be destroyed. When emergency treatment, but the manual button on the coil by normal work & other 0' A hit & other; 1' And makes the valve to open. ( 3) Electromagnetic valve stuck. The solenoid valve and the valve core set of fit clearance is small ( Less than zero. 008mm) , are generally single assembly, when mechanical impurities into or lubricating oil is too little, it is easy to get stuck. Treatment methods available wire holes stab, from the head to make it back. The fundamental solution is to solenoid valve will be removed, remove the valve core and valve core, clean with CCI4, makes the valve core within the valve sleeve flexible motion. Removal should be paid attention to when all parts, assembly sequence and wiring position to reassemble and wiring is correct, also check oil mist detector injection hole blockage, lubricating oil is enough. ( 4) Air leakage. Leakage will cause the air pressure is insufficient, make it easier for mandatory valve opening and closing, the reason is that sealing gasket damage or slide valve wear several cavity caused by gas. In dealing with the solenoid valve switch system failure, should choose the appropriate time, such as the solenoid valve in a loss of power, the if processing is not down in a switch gap, switched systems can be suspended, calmly deal with.
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