Solenoid valve in a variety of equipment and the application of occasions

by:AIRWOLF     2020-05-22
A household RO machine ( Also known as pure water machine) Two, desktop electric iron, steam cleaning machine three, coffee machine, Desktop) Two, two three links, two through four, small argon arc welding machine, every machine use five, six large plasma cutting equipment, twin screw extruder, main products are seven straight moving type, chicks hatching equipment, water eight for temperature control, drying equipment ( Mainly for the pharmaceutical, chemical equipment) Nine, return infiltration equipment, water treatment equipment, water equipment, filling equipment, slot filling machine. Ten, wood drying equipment. Eleven, double screw air compressor. Twelve, industrial washing machines, main control into steam. * * device (13, Medical equipment) To control steam entering. Fourteen, industrial v belt production equipment, mainly for steam solenoid valve. 15, circuit board production equipment, mainly for the anticorrosive solenoid valve. 16, ultrasonic cleaning equipment, the main control of hot water in and out. 17, refrigeration solenoid valve, mainly used for all kinds of refrigeration equipment, ice machine, cold storage equipment and so on,. Eighteen, fire equipment, automatic deluge system, and fire protection engineering. 19, water treatment system, sewage treatment, the main project, with large size water with solenoid valve series products. Twenty, filling machinery. Solenoid valve in all kinds of equipment and the application of * greater level of mining development potential the solenoid valve solenoid valve industry enterprises overcome difficulties to the international market
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